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Welcome to my site. Developing software since 1997, I've made the foray into the realm of Android(TM) apps.

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May 10, 2014
RollTheDice, has had over 390 downloads on Google Play so far!

LottoPicker, is moving up in the searches and has had 19 paid users!

LottoPicker Lite, has had over 470 downloads on Google play! The Lite version of LottoPicker gives you a limit of 30 draws but you can unlock it for just 99 cents! Click the badge to be taken to the Google play store or click here for more information.

Developing apps for fun and for productivity is what I am all about.

Thank you for visiting. I'll be updating the site regularly, keeping you informed on all new apps available in the Google Play store as well as any WIPS I have. To see my current listing of apps, click the Read More link below.

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